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We are not a big fan on taking someone’s content but it is what it is, this approach would suit some but not others.


  • AI Video Hijacker – Legally and ethically hijacks Youtube, Vimeo and custom videos by adding interactivity and monetization.
  • Interactive Elements – Add lead forms, stores, CTAs, quizzes, timers, clickable maps, and more.
  • Video Hosting – Get fast unlimited hosting to host all hijacked videos.
  • Traffic Generator – Drive free untapped traffic from social media platforms.
  • Landing Page Builder – AI automatically builds customized landing pages.
  • Voice Control – Use voice commands to control the software hands-free.
  • Fully Customizable – Edit hijacked videos easily without design skills.
  • Built-in Ecommerce – Sell your own products/services directly in videos.
  • Email Integrations – Seamlessly collect leads from videos.
  • Data Analytics – Get in-depth analytics to optimize conversions.
  • Ethical Hijacking – Proprietary compliance tools ensure ethical practices.
  • Automated Process – AI handles the hijacking and monetization process automatically.
  • Commercial License – Use legally for commercial purposes.

What’s great about VAI Exclusive?

  • Saves time by automating video hijacking and monetization with AI.
  • Easy to use even for beginners through the intuitive interface.
  • Provides real-time data insights to optimize conversion rates.
  • Requires no video creation or editing skills – AI does the heavy lifting.
  • Commercial license allows you to profit legally from hijacked videos.
  • Interactivity added to videos boosts engagement and conversions.
  • Traffic generator provides free access to untapped traffic sources.
  • Collaboration tools help teams work together easily on campaigns.

What you need to be aware of:

  • Limited free trial, after which paid subscription is required.
  • Ethical concerns around hijacking others’ content, even if legal.
  • Steep learning curve to master the platform and AI features.
  • Risk of YouTube and other platforms changing policies against hijacking.
  • Still a new unproven software, so results not guaranteed.

Let’s dig a little deeper

Recently a new software called vAI has been making waves online, promising users the ability to legally and ethically “hijack” other people’s YouTube videos using AI technology. The sales page makes bold claims about being able to leverage competitors’ videos to build email lists, add ecommerce stores, and generate up to “$1k per day” completely on autopilot.

I was skeptical but intrigued when I first came across vAI, so I decided to take a closer look to see if it could really deliver on its promises. In this detailed review, I’ll provide an overview of vAI, break down its claimed features, analyze the sales pitch and marketing tactics used, and most importantly, share my thoughts on whether it seems like a legitimate income opportunity or not.

What is vAI?

vAI is a cloud-based software being promoted by a person named Seyi Adeleke as a way to hijack and monetize other people’s YouTube, Vimeo and custom videos using artificial intelligence technology.

According to the sales page, vAI utilizes Google’s new AI system called BARD to automatically hijack and add interactive elements to videos you want to leverage. It claims to do this legally and ethically without any video creation, editing or technical skills required by the user.

Once vAI hijacks a video, you can supposedly add things like opt-in forms, ecommerce stores, calls-to-action, countdown timers, quizzes, surveys and more. The idea is that you can leverage the traffic and viewership of other popular videos in any niche to generate leads and sales for yourself.

The sales page positions vAI as an easy way to generate passive income online by capitalizing on other people’s hard work in creating and promoting viral videos. It even claims that some beta testers have made up to $1,000 per day using this AI video hijacker.

Too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look at the claimed features…

vAI’s Key Features

The vAI sales page lists a number of features that the software supposedly offers to users. I’ll summarize some of the main ones here:

  • AI Video Hijacker – vAI claims to hijack any video by just entering its URL. The AI will then add monetization elements.
  • Interactive Elements – Lets you add opt-in forms, stores, CTAs, quizzes, share gates and more to hijacked videos.
  • List Building – Collect leads directly from hijacked videos by adding opt-in forms. Integrates with email services.
  • eCom Stores – Add stores to videos to sell your own products/services to the audience.
  • Call-to-Actions – Add CTA buttons within videos to promote your offers.
  • Video Hosting – Fast unlimited video hosting included if you want to host hijacked videos.
  • Traffic Generator – Drive free viral traffic to your videos.
  • Landing Page Builder – AI can auto-generate landing pages for your videos.
  • Voice Commands – Control vAI through voice commands like Siri.
  • Fully Customizable – Edit colors, sizes, fonts etc. of your interactive elements.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – Get a refund within 30 days if not satisfied.

These capabilities sound very impressive on paper. But are they truly realistic or just hype? Let’s dig into the claims…

Assessing the Claims

At first glance, the ability to legally and automatically hijack other people’s content on YouTube, add monetization features to it, and profit from their traffic sounds questionable.

YouTube’s terms of service strictly prohibit using their platform in deceptive or infringing ways. So the claim that vAI can hijack YouTube videos to such an extent without the owners’ consent seems dubious.

The promises of making passive income so easily like “$1k per day” also sound exaggerated. While viral videos can get millions of views, turning that traffic into sales is often not so simple. To monetize at that level normally requires significant marketing skills.

Looking through the sales page, there seems to be a lack of specifics on how exactly vAI is able to hijack videos and bypass YouTube’s protections legally. There are also limited technical details on how the AI technology works to automate the hijacking and monetization processes.

Additionally, the examples shown of hijacked videos and income earned are not verifiable. There is no concrete proof that vAI was responsible for those results. The testimonials also appear questionable since no last names or photos are provided to validate the reviewers’ identities.

I could not find any mention of vAI beyond this one sales page, which is unusual for such a supposedly powerful income solution. There are no press releases, media coverage, or independent reviews available currently – only this video and sales page put out by the creator.

While not definitive proof either way, these factors do raise skepticism about the accuracy of the claims being made. Much of what vAI promises seems either legally dubious or technologically exaggerated based on the limited information provided so far. More transparency would be needed to validate the claims.

Sales Pitch and Marketing Tactics

The creator of vAI relies on a number of marketing tactics to promote the software and persuade readers. Some of the most prominent tactics include:

  • Scarcity – There are repeated claims that spots are limited and the price will increase soon when the countdown timer hits zero. This creates false urgency to buy now before you “miss out.”
  • Social Proof – Numerous testimonials throughout the page are used to provide social proof. But as mentioned, those are unverifiable which diminishes their credibility.
  • Contrast – The sales page contrasts spending years working hard on videos yourself versus vAI doing it all automatically in minutes to portray the software as a shortcut to easy income.
  • Reassurances – It emphasizes several times that vAI is 100% legal/ethical and includes a refund policy to reassure hesitant customers. But closer inspection raises questions.
  • Simplicity – The process is made to sound extremely easy. But monetizing videos effectively typically involves more nuance and ongoing optimization.
  • Stacked Value – By bundling in all the bonus material, the deal is framed as providing extraordinary value for the low price. This diverts focus from evaluating the core offer.
  • Bandwagon – Testimonials create social pressure to join the supposed legions of people already profiting from vAI. But without proof, it’s just a persuasion tactic.

These marketing tactics leverage common psychological triggers and biases that can influence customer behavior. But heavily promotional language, scarcity, unsubstantiated claims, and lack of details are always red flags customers should watch for.

Is vAI a Legitimate Opportunity?

Given its questionable claims, lack of transparency, heavy reliance on marketing hype, and limited objective reviews available, my opinion is that vAI has not yet demonstrated it provides a legitimate and viable income opportunity.

While the software may very well have been built, it is unclear whether it can legally do what its creator claims at the scale promised. The potential risks involved also make it difficult to recommend without seeing stronger evidence it lives up to the sales pitch.

However, this does not necessarily mean vAI is an outright scam either. It could simply be exaggerated marketing of an underwhelming software product. More independent testing and verification would be required to determine if and how well vAI works and whether the income potential holds up to scrutiny.

Until more concrete proof and transparency is provided, I would advise proceeding with extreme caution. Relying solely on the claims made on this sales page carries substantial risk. Those promises may be more marketing bluster than reality.

There is certainly potential value in leveraging video marketing and AI tools online. But even innovative software requires realistic expectations about the effort, skills, and factors involved in generating substantial income. There are rarely shortcuts to online success.

Any software making promises that seem too good to be true likely are. Customers should think critically, do additional research, and verify results before spending money. While vAI may help some users to a degree, prospective buyers should be wary of inflated claims of easy automated income.

What we think

vAI has intrigued the internet marketing community by claiming to offer effortless income through legally hijacking and monetizing other people’s YouTube videos using AI. However, exaggerated claims, lack of proof, questionable testimonials, and aggressive selling tactics on its sales page raise several red flags.

While not definitively a scam, vAI has not yet provided sufficient evidence of results or viability to be considered a legitimate income opportunity worth the risks involved. Claims of hands-free passive income from hijacked videos currently seem exaggerated and misleading pending further verification.

Potential buyers are best served approaching vAI with extreme caution. Relying solely on the sales material as proof is ill-advised. Prudent customers should demand more transparency, objective reviews, and verified results before purchasing any software making such bold claims.

With new AI marketing tools emerging regularly, it’s important to think critically and not get caught up in hype. Vetting solutions thoroughly first is advised rather than taking a chance on unproven opportunities. vAI may evolve into a more credible offering, but currently lacks the proof points and transparency needed to recommend it outright based on the information provided so far.

Frequently asked questions

How does VAI Exclusive work?

VAI Exclusive uses artificial intelligence to automatically hijack and add interactivity to YouTube, Vimeo, and custom videos by just entering the URL. The AI handles the video hijacking and monetization.

What can I add to hijacked videos?

You can add lead capture forms, calls to action, ecommerce stores, quizzes, countdown timers, clickable maps and more to hijack videos.

Do I need to create or edit videos myself?

No, VAI Exclusive does not require you to create, edit or upload any videos yourself. The AI does all the work.

Is this legal?

VAI Exclusive uses proprietary compliance tools to ensure the video hijacking follows platform terms and legal guidelines.

How much traffic can it drive?

The built-in traffic generator can drive thousands of daily visitors to your hijacked videos from social media and other sources.

What results can I expect?

Results vary based on factors like niche, campaign, and marketing. But many users report solid leads and sales.

What is the learning curve?

VAI Exclusive is designed for easy use, but mastering the AI features takes some practice. But it’s intuitive.

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