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This unique angle allows users to uncover niche-specific keywords that might not surface in traditional SEO tools.

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Features of Keyworddit

Keyworddit is a unique tool designed for keyword research, specifically leveraging the content from Reddit. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

  • Subreddit-Based Keyword Extraction: Start by typing the name of a subreddit. The tool then extracts keywords from the selected subreddit, with more active subreddits yielding more keywords.
  • Monthly Search Volume Data: For each keyword, the tool displays the average number of monthly searches, providing insights similar to what Google’s keyword planner might offer.
  • Contextual Understanding: A ‘Context’ column includes a link to a Google search of the keyword within the chosen subreddit, aiding in understanding how the keyword is used.
  • Versatile Usage: The tool is versatile, allowing for direct targeting of low competition keywords, expansion of keyword lists through other tools, and creation of accurate audience personas.
  • Data Source Reliability: Keyword volumes are sourced from Grepwords, known for its reliable data.

How to Use Keyworddit

  1. Select a Subreddit: Input the name of a subreddit to start the keyword extraction process.
  2. Analyze Keywords: Review the list of keywords, along with their monthly search volumes and context.
  3. Export and Expand: Export the keywords for further analysis or use them directly for content creation and SEO strategies.


  • Subreddit Size Restriction: Subreddits with less than 10,000 subscribers may not appear in the auto-suggest list and might yield fewer keywords.
  • Dependence on Subreddit Activity: The number of keywords depends on the level of activity in the subreddit. Less active subreddits will have fewer keywords.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What do the result headings mean?
    • The ‘Monthly Search Volume’ column indicates the average monthly searches for a term, and the ‘Context’ column helps understand the keyword’s usage.
  • How should I use the results?
    • The results can be used for targeting low competition keywords, expanding keyword lists, and creating audience personas.
  • Why does a subreddit have no or few keywords?
    • This could be due to the subreddit’s small size or low activity level.


The website does not explicitly mention the pricing for Keyworddit. It appears to be a free tool, but for more detailed information or inquiries about potential premium features, contacting the website directly is recommended.

Final Thoughts

Keyworddit stands out as a unique SEO tool, especially for those looking to leverage Reddit’s vast user-generated content for keyword research. Its ability to extract keywords based on subreddit activity and provide contextual search volume data makes it a valuable asset for content creators and marketers. However, its effectiveness is somewhat dependent on the size and activity level of the chosen subreddit.


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