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The fact that Siteliner offers a free version capable of scanning up to 250 pages makes it an accessible tool for small to mid-sized websites.

Features of Siteliner

Siteliner is a comprehensive tool designed for on-page SEO optimization. Here are its key features:

  1. Duplicate Content Detection: Siteliner excels in identifying duplicate content within your website, helping you maintain unique content on every page.
  2. Broken Link Replacement: It identifies and helps you fix broken links, enhancing user experience and SEO.
  3. Page Size and Load Speed Comparison: Siteliner compares your page sizes and load speeds with average internet standards, aiding in improving website performance.
  4. Internal and External Link Analysis: It provides a detailed breakdown of internal and external links on your site, helping balance and optimize your link structure.
  5. Technical SEO Error Identification: The tool also identifies technical SEO errors, like skipped pages due to various reasons, and helps in rectifying them.

Siteliner vs. Copyscape

While both Siteliner and Copyscape are tools for checking duplicate content, Siteliner focuses on internal content duplication within your website. In contrast, Copyscape compares your content against other pages on the internet.

Siteliner’s Effectiveness

Siteliner is known for its speed and comprehensive features. It’s particularly beneficial for small to mid-sized websites due to its free version, which allows scanning up to 250 pages. The tool is also user-friendly, offering downloadable reports in various formats.


However, Siteliner has some limitations:

  • It only scans your website, not providing direct competitor comparisons.
  • It doesn’t offer insights for improving page speeds or loading times.
  • Some features, like the broken link checker, may occasionally show errors.


Siteliner’s basic service is free for up to 250 pages, making it an excellent option for smaller websites. For larger sites, Siteliner Premium charges 1 cent per page, with a cap of 25,000 pages. This version also saves previous results for comparative analysis over time.


Siteliner is a valuable tool for SEO professionals and website owners, offering a range of features to enhance website performance. Its free version is sufficient for most small to mid-sized websites, while the Premium version is affordable for larger sites or agencies.

For more detailed information and to see how Siteliner can benefit your website, you can visit their official website.


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