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So, what are the key features for Moz’s Keyword Explorer?

  • Comprehensive keyword research tool with over 1.25 billion traffic-driving keywords.
  • Analyze keywords by search volume with more than 95% accuracy.
  • Generate and save keyword lists with comprehensive scoring.
  • Export keyword research suggestions, analyses, and lists into well-formatted CSVs.
  • Find keywords in question format for targeting long-tail keywords.
  • Sort keywords by predictive metrics like Keyword Difficulty, Volume, and expected Organic Click-Through Rate.
  • Review SERP details by keyword to understand why pages rank the way they do.
  • Check Keyword Difficulty using Moz’s proprietary score.
  • Take your SEO strategy global by searching keyword suggestions and ranking keywords by country.
  • Perform competitive keyword analysis to see what keywords your site and competitors rank for.

What’s great about Moz’s Keyword Explorer?

  • Discover and prioritize the best keywords to target by entering a URL or keyword.
  • Stay ahead by targeting keywords in the form of questions or broadly related topics.
  • Understand the search landscape of every keyword with SERP analysis.
  • Create and organize keyword lists, grouping them based on lexical similarity.
  • Preview rich search engine results like Top Stories, Images, Knowledge Graphs, and more for every keyword.
  • Explore keywords by site to uncover your site’s organic search keywords.
  • Perform organic keyword analysis on competitors and see their most important keywords.

What you need to be aware of:

  • The content did not provide specific limitations or concerns about the tool. However, as with any tool, it’s essential to ensure that the data aligns with your specific needs and to be aware of any potential discrepancies in the data.

Moz Keyword Explorer is a keyword research and analysis tool created by Moz, a well-known provider of SEO software and resources. As one of the most popular keyword research tools on the market, Keyword Explorer aims to help users identify high-value keywords to target in their SEO campaigns and gain insights into keyword difficulty and search volume.

Let’s dig a little deeper into moz keyword

Keyword research is a crucial part of any SEO strategy, allowing you to align your content with search intent and discover new opportunities. Moz Keyword Explorer provides extensive keyword data to inform your keyword targeting and expand your reach.

Some of the key features of Moz Keyword Explorer include:

  • Keyword search volume data – See monthly search volume estimates for keywords to gauge interest and traffic potential.
  • Keyword difficulty scores – Moz’s 1-100 difficulty score helps you assess how hard it may be to rank for a keyword.
  • Clickstream data – Analyze the number of clicks a keyword drives to see actual search interest.
  • Related keywords – Discover semantically related keywords to target.
  • Keyword suggestions – Get recommendations for long-tail variations on your keywords.
  • Top pages ranking – See the top 10 ranking domains and URLs for a keyword to analyze the competition.
  • Exportable CSV reports – Easily export keyword data for further analysis.

With comprehensive keyword insights and an easy-to-use interface, Keyword Explorer aims to make keyword research straightforward for SEO professionals and agencies. Next, let’s take a deeper look at using Keyword Explorer for keyword research and analysis.

Conducting Keyword Research

Getting started with Moz Keyword Explorer is simple – you can either search for individual keywords to analyze or use the keyword research workflow to expand your ideas.

To research keywords, start by entering a seed keyword such as “email marketing” into the search bar. Keyword Explorer will instantly pull back volume, difficulty, and clickstream data for that term. You’ll also see a list of related keywords and suggestions to explore.

Filtering by attributes like search volume and difficulty can narrow down keywords by what matters for your strategy. For example, filtering to keywords with over 1,000 monthly searches and under 50 difficulty highlights viable mid-tail candidates.

The keyword research workflow streamlines exploring keywords further. Enter a URL, keyword or phrase and Keyword Explorer will automatically suggest additional related keywords to target. You can also filter by difficulty, volume, and other attributes here.

Once you build out a robust list, you can refine it by adding, deleting or expanding keywords. Keyword Explorer makes it easy to iterate until you have a defined list of keywords that meet your search visibility goals.

Analyzing Keywords

With keywords identified, the next step is analyzing the opportunity around each. Moz Keyword Explorer provides insightful data to assess keywords:

  • Volume – See the estimated monthly search volume for a keyword. Higher volume indicates more interest and traffic potential.
  • Difficulty – Moz’s 1-100 difficulty score helps gauge how competitive it may be to rank for a keyword. Lower difficulty presents more opportunity.
  • Clickstream – Analyze how many clicks a keyword drives to see actual search interest. More clicks mean more searches lead to clicks.
  • Top Pages – View the top 10 ranking pages (URLs) for a keyword to size up the competition.
  • Keyword Overview – Review data like volume and difficulty side-by-side for a list of keywords.
  • Click-Through Rate – CTR shows the percentage of searches for a keyword that result in a click, indicating commercial intent.

These datapoints paint a picture of keyword difficulty and opportunity. Keywords with high volume, low difficulty, and strong CTR may present the best potential. You can then prioritize keyword targets accordingly.

Competitive Intelligence

In addition to assessing individual keywords, Keyword Explorer enables competitive analysis to benchmark your site against others.

The Pages Report scans a domain to see which keywords it ranks for across top 100 Google results. You can see which keywords a competitor ranks for, revealing opportunities to outperform them. This is powerful for evaluating competitors’ strategies and expanding your own keyword scope.

You can also input a specific URL to see which keywords it ranks for. This helps audit your existing content and identify gaps to fill with new pages and blog posts.

The ability to perform competitor keyword research makes Keyword Explorer invaluable for gauging your search presence against others in your space. You can use these insights to outmaneuver competitors on core keywords.

Keyword Tracking & Management

Once you’ve conducted keyword research, you need to manage and track the terms you intend to optimize for over time. Moz Keyword Explorer enables this through advanced reporting features.

You can save keywords into projects to organize research around specific topics, campaigns, or sites. This allows maintaining structure as your keyword list grows. Dedicated projects help strategize optimization plans for different goals in one place.

Keyword tracking over time is also simple. The custom report builder lets you easily compare metrics like volume and rank history month-over-month for a set of keywords. You can track rankings on both mobile and desktop. Identifying trends in your keyword metrics helps gauge SEO impact over time.

These reports can be customized, saved, and exported as CSVs or PDFs to share with colleagues and clients. Whether performing one-off research or managing an ongoing SEO campaign, robust reporting is invaluable.

Integrations & API Access

Moz Keyword Explorer provides several capabilities for integrating keyword data into other platforms:

  • CSV Export – Download keyword research reports as CSVs to work with in Excel or other tools.
  • MozBar – The MozBar browser extension displays Keyword Explorer data like rank and volume right in Google search results.
  • API Access – Moz’s API enables pulling keyword data into custom applications and scripts for advanced analysis.
  • Moz Pro Campaigns – Send keywords from Keyword Explorer directly into your Moz Pro campaign for rank tracking.

These integration options allow incorporating keyword data into your existing workflows. You can combine Keyword Explorer insights with other tools to build a more data-driven SEO process.

Moz Pro Integration

Moz Pro customers gain added benefit from using Keyword Explorer and Pro together. Beyond API access, Moz Pro offers advanced integration for keyword rank tracking and analytics.

Any keyword researched in Keyword Explorer can be sent straight into Pro Campaigns with one click for rank tracking. This allows seamlessly monitoring rank for all yourKeyword Explorer targets.

Ranking keywords can then be analyzed further in Moz Pro’s Ranking Keywords report. Here you can evaluate ranking keywords by importance, volume, and difficulty over time. This provides deeper context into your site’s visibility for target keywords.

Used together, Keyword Explorer and Moz Pro form a scalable solution for researching, ranking, and tracking thousands of keywords. The integration optimizes utilizing both tools as part of a high-powered SEO stack.


While Moz Keyword Explorer offers robust capabilities, there are some limitations to note:

  • Search volume estimates are modeled, rather than directly from search engines. This data requires taking with a grain of salt and combining with other signals.
  • Ranking data is only displayed for domains with a Moz profile. Ranks for some pages may be undetected if Moz lacks metrics for that site.
  • Keyword rankings are updated monthly. Daily or weekly rank changes won’t be visible for tracking optimization impact.
  • No competitor clickstream data. Clickstream insights are limited to your own domains, not competitor sites.
  • API access requires Moz Pro. The ability to extract and analyze keyword data via API is limited to Pro users.

While Keyword Explorer presents some restrictions, it still provides valuable directional insights for keyword optimization. Combining its data with other signals provides the most accurate picture.

What We Think?

Moz Keyword Explorer delivers robust capabilities for discovering and researching new keyword opportunities to guide your SEO strategy. Competitive intelligence, rank tracking integration, and easy exporting make it highly versatile. While Keyword Explorer lacks daily rank data and depends on modeled search volume estimates, it still holds up as a top keyword research tool.

The tool provides tremendous value through extensive keyword data sets, competitive insights, and straightforward keyword exploration. Some limitations exist with rank and volume accuracy. However, Moz Keyword Explorer and Moz Pro together form an advanced keyword research solution for marketers, agencies, and businesses aiming to expand their organic search visibility.

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