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only downside is it doesn’t work for the mac. otherwise it is perfect.


So, what are the key features for Money Robot?

  • Versatile User Base: Catering to website owners, SEO companies, media companies, and big corporations to enhance their SEO and content distribution strategies.
  • Comprehensive Link Building: Supports unlimited website platforms including Web 2.0 blogs, social networks, article directories, and more for extensive link building.
  • High-Speed Submission: Features multi-threading capabilities, simulating the work of 100 employees working simultaneously for website ranking.
  • Smart Submission Process: Fully automated account creation and email activation process, requiring no human intervention.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Utilizes browsers to simulate real human activity on sites, capable of bypassing robot detection mechanisms.
  • Content Spinning and Rewriting: In-built spinner and rewriter to create unique versions of your content, avoiding duplicate content penalties.
  • Backlink Monitoring: Allows easy management and tracking of all live backlinks including anchor texts and other related information.
  • Automatic Captcha Solving: Fully automated captcha solving feature, capable of handling complex captchas without any additional cost.
  • Auto Sites List Updates: Daily updates of new websites lists for automatic content submission, eliminating the need for manual search and scrape.

What’s great about Money Robot?

  • User-Friendly Interface: Offers a simple and intuitive interface, making SEO link building campaigns easy to create and manage.
  • Dynamic Support Team: Provides free customer support through various channels including live chat, Skype, and email.
  • Regular Updates: Automatic updates of website lists, ensuring fresh opportunities for content submission daily.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Offers a 7-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to explore the software risk-free.

What you need to be aware of:

  • Pricing: The software comes with a monthly subscription fee of $67 or a one-time fee of $497 for a lifetime license.
  • Payment Options: Payments are processed securely through PayPal, with options to pay using Bitcoin or Tether.

Money Robot Prices

Monthly Subscription:

  • $67 per month

Lifetime License:

  • $497 (one-time fee)

All purchases are secured and processed by PayPal, ensuring safety in transactions.

Money Robot Review: Does This Automated Link Building Software Live Up To The Hype?

Backlinks remain one of the most important ranking factors for SEO in 2023. However, building backlinks manually is incredibly time consuming and tedious.

That’s why automated solutions like Money Robot have become popular choices for website owners and SEOs looking to scale their link building efforts.

But does Money Robot actually work as advertised? Or is it all hype?

In this in-depth Money Robot review, we’ll take an unbiased look at how this software works, its key features, pricing, and whether it’s worth the investment for your SEO campaigns.

What is Money Robot?

Money Robot is automated link building software created by Income Network Ltd. It’s designed to help website owners and SEOs build backlinks at scale by automating tedious link building tasks.

The core function of Money Robot is to automate backlink outreach, social sharing, account creation, content submission, and other link building activities across a range of properties like:

  • Article directories
  • Web 2.0s
  • Social bookmarking sites
  • Press releases
  • Forum profiles
  • Blog comments
  • And more

The goal is to save you time and help you build more links from a wider range of sites compared to manual outreach.

Money Robot sells itself as an “all-in-one” solution that provides not just automation, but additional tools for keyword research, rank tracking, and generating referral traffic to your site.

The company behind Money Robot claims their tool is used by over 87,000 customers from 172 countries. It’s also endorsed by internet marketers like Alex Becker.

But how well does the software actually work? Let’s take a closer look…

How Money Robot Works

Money Robot is desktop software available for Windows PCs (but not Macs).

Once you purchase the software, you can download, install, and access the dashboard which is where you’ll configure and run your link building campaigns.

To start a campaign, you enter your target URL and keywords. You can then choose one of Money Robot’s pre-made backlink templates or diagrams.

These link building templates allow you to create different types of structures like pyramids, rings, reciprocal links between domains, and more.

For example, with the pyramid template, Money Robot will build links across multiple sites in a tiered structure with your money site at the top to concentrate the PageRank flow.

Next, you can write or paste in content that Money Robot will use for guest posts, web 2.0s, etc. The software also includes a built-in spinner so you can auto-generate multiple versions of the same article.

Alternatively, you can enable Money Robot’s automatic article generation to create content for you.

With your campaign set up, you simply click start and Money Robot will get to work submitting your content and creating backlinks completely on autopilot.

The software cycles through different proxy IPs to avoid over-optimization penalties. And it uses an internal captcha solving mechanism to automate form submissions.

As your links get built, you can monitor the live campaign stats of links built, indexed, live, deleted, etc.

That covers the basics of how you setup and run automated link building campaigns with Money Robot. Next, let’s look at some of the key features and tools it offers.

Key Features and Tools

Money Robot includes a number of built-in features designed to make managing and scaling your link building easier:

The backlink monitoring tool allows you to add your own domains or competitors to track their backlink growth over time.

You can view stats like total backlinks, referring domains, title/anchor text ratios, and more. Useful for keeping an eye on link velocity and tracking if competitors are gaining an edge.

Rank Tracking

Money Robot provides rank tracking capabilities so you can monitor keyword rankings within the software without needing third-party tools.

You can track rankings for target keywords across Google and YouTube.

Automatic Article Creation

As mentioned above, the software can automatically generate articles for your backlinking content.

You simply enter a few keywords and configure settings like word count. Money Robot will then spin up unique articles you can use for guest posts, web 2.0s, etc.

This feature allows you to scale content creation so you can run more campaigns and build links faster.

Traffic Generator

Money Robot includes options to send automated traffic to your site from various sources:

  • Search engine traffic: This feature sends direct clicks/impressions from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex.
  • Social traffic: Automated likes, shares, and comments for your social media profiles and content.
  • YouTube traffic: Push views, likes, and comments to your YouTube videos.

The goal here is to simulate social proof and jumpstart your rankings with metrics search engines care about like engagement and click-through-rate.


You can schedule your campaigns to run at specific times and set speed thresholds. This allows you to automate your link building in a controlled way.

Campaign Templates

Money Robot comes pre-loaded with dozens of backlink campaign templates you can use as a starting point.

The templates include different backlink diagram structures, content templates, and property lists. This saves you time instead of configuring everything from scratch.

Keyword Research

A simple keyword research tool is included to generate keyword ideas and assess search volume data.


The software provides access to residential proxy IPs so you can distribute your link requests and avoid overuse penalties.

Captcha Solving

As mentioned earlier, Money Robot uses an internal captcha system so you don’t have to integrate a third-party captcha solver.

Money Robot will continually check search engine indexes to verify your links are being picked up properly and indexed successfully.

Money Robot Packages and Pricing

Money Robot is available in 2 payment options:

Monthly subscription: $67 per month

One-time payment: $497 for lifetime access

The one-time fee gets you perpetual access with no recurring charges. You also get free updates included when new features are added.

There is a 7-day free trial available so you can test out the software before purchasing.

Compared to other link building tools, Money Robot is priced competitively. Many similar solutions cost $100+ per month for subscriptions.

And the lifetime deal at under $500 is reasonable compared to upfront prices from competitors that can run $1000+.

Pros and Cons

Based on my research and other Money Robot reviews, here are the main pros and cons of the software:


  • Automates tedious backlink building tasks
  • Very simple to use, even for beginners
  • Comes packed with useful features
  • Affordable pricing compared to competitors
  • No need to outsource link building
  • Dedicated customer support


  • Only works on Windows (no Mac version)
  • Monthly subscription could get expensive long-term
  • Have to run it on a VPS for best performance
  • May require proxies to avoid over-optimization

Overall, the pros seem to outweigh the cons, provided this type of automation is aligned with your SEO approach.

The lack of Mac compatibility is disappointing. And like any automated tool, you need to be careful about overusing it. But those are common issues among solutions in this space.

Money Robot vs Competitors

How does Money Robot stack up against alternative link building automation tools? Here’s a quick comparison:

  • Linkody – Web-based rather than desktop software. More limited features. No lifetime payment option.
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker – More complex to use. Requires proxies and captcha accounts. But more customization options.
  • SERPBot – Specializes in automated guest posting. Limited support for other link building tactics.
  • RankWYZ – Provides automation plus rank tracking and SEO management. But 2x+ more expensive than Money Robot.
  • LinkResearchTools – Web-based solution with unique analytics. But costlier and less automation capability.

Money Robot holds its own against the competition here. Solutions like GSA SER and RankWYZ offer more advanced options for power users. But they are also more complex and expensive.

For beginners looking for a cost-effective way to start automating basic link building tasks, Money Robot is a solid choice.

Is Money Robot Safe to Use?

Any type of automation tool carries some level of risk when it comes to link building. Used recklessly, you could end up violating webmaster guidelines and doing more harm than good.

However, when applied judiciously, many reputable website owners and SEOs use solutions like Money Robot responsibly and successfully.

Here are some tips to make sure you stay safe:

  • Don’t overdo it. Build links slowly and steadily.
  • Ensure your content provides value for publishers.
  • Mix automated links with manual outreach.
  • Avoid spammy link networks and PBNs.
  • Monitor links regularly and disavow bad ones.

The general consensus among SEOs seems to be that Money Robot is reasonably safe if used with caution.

It’s also a good idea to supplement automated links with manual outreach to ensure your anchor text and link sources don’t look overly artificial.

Money Robot Review Verdict

So, what’s the final verdict on Money Robot based on my extensive evaluation?

Overall, Money Robot is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to scale their link building efforts through automation.

The software delivers on its core promise – making it easier to build more links from an expanded range of sources.

For the price, you get a solid feature set with all the tools you need for automated link prospecting, outreach, and management in one place.

The interface is clean and intuitive enough for even beginner SEOs to grasp. Yet the software is robust enough to support advanced link building strategies.

Money Robot won’t be the right solution for every website or campaign. Manual outreach will always have its place in white hat link building.

But if you find yourself spending countless hours on manual guest posting, web 2.0 creation, directory submissions, and other monotonous link building tasks, Money Robot is worth considering.

The automation can free you up to focus on high value activities like content creation and link opportunity discovery.

So if you’re looking for an affordable, user-friendly way to scale up your link building productivity, Money Robot delivers.

You can take it for a spin yourself with the free 7-day trial to see if it’s the right fit for your needs.


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