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Linkody is a robust tool

Offering a range of features that are beneficial for SEO professionals and agencies. Its focus on competitor analysis and backlink management, along with user-friendly reporting and disavow tools.

So, what are the key features for Linkody?

  • Track your link building campaigns easily for your clients or your own domains.
  • Get insights into competitors’ link-building strategies.
  • Analyze your link profile with numerous metrics.
  • Quickly identify and disavow bad links.
  • Manage all your links and domains in one place.
  • Discover your competitors’ backlinks and see which pages point to you and your competitors.
  • Get notified by email when you or one of your competitors gets a new link.
  • Visualize where your links are located on the source page with just one click.

What’s great about Linkody?:

  • Comprehensive dashboard with essential metrics for quick insights about your link-building progress.
  • Powerful link profile analysis tools to make informed decisions.
  • Reliable backlink monitoring with 24/7 tracking.
  • Discover link-building opportunities by analyzing competitors’ backlinks.
  • Easily manage and disavow potentially harmful links.
  • Generate CSV or white label PDF reports for clients.

What you need to be aware of:

  • Linkody checks your links and updates their status every 24 hours.
  • Email reports can be received on a daily or weekly basis.

Linkody Prices


  • $14.90 per month
    • 2 domains
    • 500 monitored links
    • 1 user


  • $24.90 per month
    • 5 domains
    • 2,000 monitored links
    • 1 user


  • $49.90 per month
    • 20 domains
    • 5,000 monitored links
    • 3 users


  • $99.90 per month
    • 50 domains
    • 20,000 monitored links
    • 5 users


  • $153.90 per month
    • 100 domains
    • 50,000 monitored links
    • 10 users

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’re on the hunt for a comprehensive review on Linkody, the backlink tracking tool that’s been making waves in the SEO community. Well, you’re in luck! Grab a cup of coffee ☕, sit back, and let’s dive deep into this “Linkody Review” to see if it’s the right fit for you.

First Impressions

When I first stumbled upon Linkody, I was intrigued. The platform promises to make link tracking a breeze, offering insights into your own domains and even your competitors. But does it deliver? Let’s find out.

Features Galore!

Linkody isn’t just a one-trick pony. This tool is packed with features that can give any digital marketer a run for their money:

  • Backlink Tracking: This is Linkody’s bread and butter. The tool allows you to monitor your link-building campaigns, ensuring that you’re always in the know about where your links are coming from and how they’re performing.
  • Competitor Insights: Want to know your competitors’ secret sauce? Linkody lets you peek into their link-building strategies. It’s like having a spyglass into their digital world!
  • Link Profile Analysis: With a myriad of metrics at your disposal, you can dissect your link profile, making informed decisions on your next steps.
  • Disavow Bad Links: The internet can be a wild place, and not all links are created equal. Linkody helps you identify and disavow those pesky bad links that could harm your site’s reputation.

What Makes Linkody Stand Out?

Beyond its features, what truly makes Linkody shine is its user-friendly interface. Even if you’re new to the world of SEO, navigating through the platform is a breeze. Plus, with 24/7 backlink monitoring, you’re always in the loop. No more manual checks at odd hours!

Pricing: Bang for Your Buck?

Linkody offers a range of pricing plans, catering to everyone from budding webmasters to established agencies. Whether you’re monitoring a couple of domains or juggling a hundred, there’s a plan tailored for you. And with the option to try it out for 30 days free, it’s a low-risk investment.

The Not-So-Great Bits

While Linkody is a powerhouse, it’s not without its quirks. The tool checks links and updates their status every 24 hours. For some, this might be a tad too long, especially if real-time data is crucial. But for most users, this update frequency is more than sufficient.

So, Should You Go for Linkody?

Now, the million-dollar question: Is Linkody worth it?

If you’re serious about SEO and want a tool that offers comprehensive backlink tracking without breaking the bank, then yes, Linkody is a fantastic choice. It’s user-friendly, feature-rich, and offers great value for money.

However, if real-time data is a must for you, you might want to explore other options or use Linkody in conjunction with another tool.

Final Thoughts

In this “Linkody Review”, we’ve unpacked the good, the bad, and the in-between of this backlink tool. It’s clear that Linkody has a lot to offer, especially for those keen on upping their SEO game.

So, will you be giving Linkody a spin? Whatever you decide, here’s to climbing those search engine ranks and achieving digital success! 🚀

Note: This review is based on personal experiences and thorough research. Always ensure to do your own due diligence before making any decisions.

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