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Easy to use tool for finding keyword and way cheaper than tools like ahrefs!


Kwestify Key Features:

  • Keyword Competition: Provides insights into keyword competition and ranking data.
  • People Also Ask: Extracts “People Also Ask” questions from search results, with alert options.
  • Custom Competition: Analyze your own list of keywords for competition.
  • Related Searches: Offers related search queries for comprehensive analysis.
  • People Also Search: Gathers data from “People Also Search For” in search results.
  • Keyword Discovery: Discovers new and trending keyword suggestions.
  • Title Generator: Generates titles for articles and videos.
  • Duplicate Remover: Removes duplicate titles to prevent content repetition.

What’s Great About Kwestify?

  • Intuitive Dashboard: Presents valuable SEO data including search volume and trends.
  • Real-Time Insights: Offers up-to-date data for content relevance and SEO optimization.
  • Content Creation Tools: Includes AI-driven title generation and unique keyword discovery.

Points to Be Aware Of:

  • Credit System: Utilizes a credit system for accessing data and features.
  • Limited Scope: Primarily focused on keyword and SEO optimization tools.

Kwestify Prices

Subscription Plans:

  • Base Account: $12 per month – Includes 500 credits/month, rollover credits.
  • Essential Account: $19 per month – 1000 credits/month, rollover credits.
  • Professional Account: $29 per month – 2000 credits/month, rollover credits.
  • Business Account: $49 per month – 5000 credits/month, rollover credits.
  • Agency Account: $79 per month – 10000 credits/month, rollover credits.

Annual plans available with additional credit bonuses.

Refund Policy

  • 7-Day Refund: Full refund within the first 7 days if under 50 credits are used.

Should you use Kwestify or NOT?

Kwestify emerges as an innovative keyword research tool in the dynamic field of SEO and digital marketing. Designed to meet the demands of today’s online marketers, it specializes in identifying low-competition keywords and offers deep insights into the questions asked on Google across various niches.

This tool is instrumental in discovering underutilized keyword opportunities, giving marketers a competitive edge in search engine optimization. In an era where effective SEO strategies are vital for online visibility, Kwestify stands as a crucial ally, enabling professionals to refine their content and stay abreast of evolving online search trends.

What can it do?

Kwestify offers a suite of features for advanced keyword research. Its low-competition keyword identification helps marketers find niche keywords with less competition. The tool also provides insights into popular Google search queries, enhancing content relevance.

An AI-driven title generator aids in creating compelling titles, crucial for SEO and user engagement. Additionally, Kwestify analyzes keyword competitiveness, helping strategize content placement. It extends its utility by extracting related search queries, broadening the understanding of user search behavior.

The tracking of the top 1000 keywords offers insights into trending topics. User interface-wise, Kwestify is designed for ease of use, catering to both novice and experienced marketers.

Performance and Efficiency

Kwestify’s performance in real-world scenarios is noteworthy, particularly for its efficient identification of low-competition keywords and insightful analysis of search queries.

When compared to other keyword research tools like ahrefs, its AI-driven features and comprehensive search query data set it apart.

These features significantly enhance SEO strategies by providing targeted, relevant keywords and title suggestions.

For various user groups like bloggers and content creators, Kwestify offers tangible benefits. Its tools streamline the content creation process, making it easier to develop SEO-optimized, engaging content. While specific case studies or user testimonials were not provided, the general user feedback highlights its effectiveness in improving content relevance and search engine rankings.

Technical Aspects

westify’s technical foundation includes advanced AI algorithms and data analytics, ensuring accurate keyword research and title generation. In terms of security and privacy, it adheres to standard online data protection protocols.

Its pricing structure is competitive, offering various packages suitable for different business needs. Kwestify’s strengths lie in its innovative features and AI integration, providing a significant edge in SEO.

However, its reliance on internet connectivity and subscription-based model might be limitations for some users. The tool is tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern marketers, offering a balance of performance, accessibility, and value.

Developer Background

Chris Derenberger and Nasir Nobin are the key figures behind Kwestify. Derenberger, with a successful marketing portfolio and products like Ai Wismind, brings extensive experience in digital marketing. Nobin, a skilled developer, contributes his technical expertise.

Their combined efforts have shaped Kwestify into a tool that effectively meets the specific needs of online marketers, leveraging their knowledge in both marketing strategies and technological innovation.

Their background and expertise have significantly impacted the development and effectiveness of Kwestify.

Final Thoughts

Kwestify stands as a robust tool for digital marketing and SEO optimization, especially beneficial for marketers, bloggers, and content creators seeking competitive keywords and effective content strategies.

Its combination of AI-driven features and comprehensive keyword analysis makes it a valuable asset in the constantly evolving landscape of online marketing. While it requires a subscription and internet access, its benefits justify the investment, particularly for those aiming to enhance their online presence and SEO effectiveness.


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