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Elementor is a leading website builder platform for WordPress, serving web professionals such as developers, designers, and marketers. Here are some of its key features:

  • Live Drag & Drop Editor: You can drag-and-drop content on a page and watch your website come to life. Use any of 100+ widgets. No coding needed.
  • Full Website Designs: Select from an extensive library of 100+ full website Kits based on the Hello Theme. Try any Kit or start with a blank canvas.
  • World Class Hosting: Get built-in hosting powered by Google and robust, industry-leading technologies for a secure, high performing website.
  • Professional Workflow: Create a consistent web experience by managing your entire website’s design system including global colors and fonts.
  • WordPress on Steroids: Elementor supercharges the power of WordPress with limitless capabilities and reduces the need for other plugins.

What’s great about Elementor?

  • One Platform, Unlimited Web Creations: From landing pages, and eCommerce stores, to full-blown websites – build it all with Elementor.
  • The Magic of Web Creation: Build magnificent websites with cool animations, mobile-friendly responsive designs, custom CSS, and much more.
  • Elevate Your Skills & Grow Professionally: Elementor provides resources and tools designed to help you learn, grow, and develop your skills at every level.
  • Community: Elementor has a global community of users and hosts meetup events, tutorials, webinars, courses, and more.

What you need to be aware of:

  • Elementor is a powerful tool, but like any tool, it requires a learning curve to fully utilize its features.
  • While Elementor reduces the need for other plugins, some users may still need additional plugins depending on their specific needs.

Elementor Prices

Essential Plan:

  • $59 per year
  • 1 Pro Website

Expert Plan:

  • $199 per year
  • 25 Pro Websites

Agency Plan:

  • $399 per year
  • 1000 Pro Websites

The Best WordPress Page Builder for Professional Website Creation

As a professional web designer or developer, choosing the right page builder is crucial for efficiently building stunning websites on WordPress. With its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, vast library of templates and widgets, and other advanced features, Elementor has emerged as the go-to page builder for WordPress.

Our in-depth Elementor review covers what makes it the best page builder for professionals:

Simplicity and Flexibility of the Drag-and-Drop Editor

At the core of Elementor is its live drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to easily design and rearrange your site’s layout. It has an intuitive, visual interface where you simply drag elements from the left panel onto the canvas.

Whether you’re creating custom designs or using templates, the editing happens in real-time so you immediately see the changes. No need to constantly preview or reload the page. This streamlines the web design process and allows for rapid iteration.

Elementor’s modular approach gives you the flexibility to customize every element on the page. You have granular control over things like structure, spacing, typography, colors, animations, and responsive design. There’s also CSS editing support for advanced tweaks.

Abundant Template and Widget Library

Elementor’s template library contains over 300 responsive pre-made website designs to kickstart your project. The designs are professionally created for a wide range of niches and industries such as business, portfolio, ecommerce, real estate, restaurant, etc.

Importing a template allows you to quickly build a complete website structure. You can then easily customize it by adding, removing or rearranging content with the drag-and-drop editor.

Apart from templates, Elementor offers a widgets library with over 50 content elements like buttons, images, videos, accordions, tabs, carousels, and more. These pre-built widgets help you quickly add different content modules without coding them from scratch.

Advanced Design Features and Controls

Elementor grants designers precise control over styling through its advanced design settings and options:

  • Responsive Breakpoints – Easily optimize your design across mobile, tablet and desktop layouts.
  • CSS Filters – Apply filters like blur or saturation with controls for each filter type.
  • Animations – Add entrances, exits and hover animations to any element.
  • Typography – Fine-tune text styling like font family, weight, Transform, line-height etc.
  • Shapes – Include SVG shapes with customized fill, stroke, and dimensions.
  • Spacing and Sizing – Adjust padding, margins, width, and height of elements using different units.

These advanced capabilities, paired with the modular drag-and-drop editor result in unlimited creative freedom when building pages.

Powerful Options for Theme Building

Elementor is not just a page builder plugin – it also doubles up as an advanced theme builder. You can leverage its capabilities to build complete WordPress themes.

It provides a templating system and tools to design custom headers, footers, 404 pages, archives, single posts/pages, popups, and more.

Using Elementor Pro, you can go further and build themes with dynamic tags, custom fonts, global colors, theme style settings, WooCommerce support, and code editing for functions.php.

This makes Elementor a flexible all-in-one tool for crafting WordPress themes tailored to specific client needs.

Premium Widgets and Add-Ons

Elementor’s free version already packs an abundant set of widgets and options. But for more advanced use cases, Elementor Pro provides premium widgets and add-on tools:

  • WooCommerce Widgets – Product grids, carousels, tabs, checkout pages, etc.
  • Advanced Popups – Scroll triggered popups, popup builder, etc.
  • Form Builder – Create multi-step forms with conditional logic.
  • Theme Builder – Fully customizable header, footer, single, archive templates.
  • Motion Effects – Animate elements on scroll or mouse hover.
  • Theme Elements – Typography, color schemes and theme style settings.

These premium features enhance your design capabilities and help build more engaging, high-converting websites.

Developer Friendly Code and Customization

Elementor embraces its use by developers through its flexible code implementation:

  • It generates clean, lightweight HTML code that you can easily understand.
  • There are hooks and filters for deep customization in the code level.
  • You can create custom CSS, HTML, PHP code snippets that can be reused.
  • It’s compatible with popular developer tools like WPML, Polylang, Bootstrap, etc.
  • Has detailed documentation for developers.

So developers can comfortably extend and customize sites built with Elementor. And its responsiveness helps them collaborate with designers seamlessly.

Lightning Fast Performance

Page speed is vital for delivering good user experience and SEO. Elementor implements performance best practices like lazy loading, CSS/JS minification, optimized code, and CDN support out-of-the-box.

Together with its modular asset delivery, these result in lighning fast load times. Unlike other bloated page builders that slow sites down.

Just check any Elementor site on and you’ll see stellar performance stats.

Stellar Support and Documentation

The Elementor team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support through multiple channels like in-app chat, email ticketing, and the forum community.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll be able to find help quickly when you run into roadblocks.

Furthermore, the extensive documentation with tutorials, guides, and code samples will resolve most queries without needing support. Everything is well explained for users of all skill levels.

The support resources coupled with an engaged user community foster seamless onboarding and learning.

Continuous Innovation in New Features

Elementor doesn’t rest on its laurels. The developers consistently release new features and improvements in monthly version updates.

Recent additions like the Theme Builder, motion effects, dynamic tags, and version control have significantly expanded its capabilities.

And the newly introduced AI tools provide smart productivity enhancement through text, image and code generation.

The regular updates show the team’s commitment to evolving Elementor into an all-in-one web creation platform.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

Unlike some other players, Elementor offers straightforward pricing without surprising or hidden costs.

The free version already provides immense value, while the Pro version starts at just $49 per year including all features and unlimited sites.

There are no extra charges for hosting, domains, advanced options, white labeling or priority support.

Given the capabilities unlocked, Elementor Pro’s pricing remains a top deal in the web design industry.

A Web Designer’s Dream Tool

Elementor ticks all the boxes of an elite WordPress page builder:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop website editor
  • Robust library of templates, widgets and addons
  • Pixel-perfect design capabilities
  • Lightning page speed
  • Code customization and developer support
  • Active user community
  • Regular innovation in new features like AI
  • Top notch support and documentation
  • Affordable transparent pricing

Backed by these strengths, Elementor presents an immense value proposition for web designers, developers, agencies and business owners. It’s the closest to an all-in-one website creation platform for WordPress.

What We think?

So if you’re looking for the best page builder for professional websites, there’s no better choice than Elementor. It will supercharge your client workflows while also growing your skills through its thriving ecosystem. The active community ensures you never work in silos while building sites.

While some limitations exist like lack of in-line editing or reliance on shortcodes, they pale in comparison to the positive benefits. For professional WordPress site building, Elementor remains miles ahead of competition.

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