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The claim of a one push button for lot’s of leads that will make you money is why we scored this so low. If it was that easy we all would be rich!


According to the sales page, Astro offers the following features:

  • Drag-and-drop interface to create AI-generated content like emails and social posts
  • Automated content creation through AI
  • Integration with AI models like OpenAI and ChatGPT
  • Tools for keyword research
  • Traffic generation capabilities
  • Built-in monetization tools
  • Commercial license included
  • Mobile app access

What’s Great About Astro

If the claims are true, Astro could provide some useful benefits:

  • Automating content creation with AI could save time and effort over manual work
  • Leveraging leading AI models like ChatGPT could produce high-quality content
  • Built-in monetization tools help new users make money faster
  • Mobile access enables use on-the-go when needed
  • Commercial license presents opportunity to profit from the tech

However, the effectiveness of these features is unproven.

What You Need to Be Aware Of

There are also some significant drawbacks to consider:

  • The abilities of the AI tools are likely exaggerated based on current tech capabilities
  • No case studies or proof that the AI works as claimed
  • Generating automated profits with no experience is highly dubious
  • The founders and developers are unknown and unverified
  • Misleading sales tactics like fake scarcity and rushed prompts
  • No free trial or ability to preview before buying
  • Deceptive pricing strategy with fees that raise later
  • Refund eligibility requires showing you “tried” the product

Let’s dig a little deeper

Astro, the “dangerously strong AI” advertised in there promotion, raises several red flags that indicate it is likely a exaggerated marketing hype. I would not recommend purchasing this product based on the information provided.

To start, the supposed founders “Billy, Justin & Finn” are not fully identified, nor are their claims of expertise and past success substantiated. Vague claims of “over $10 million dollars in sales” under their belt are meaningless without proof or more context.

The sales page makes wildly exaggerated claims about the capabilities of Astro, such as “Tap Into Google’s AI in 1-Click For Traffic, Leads & Sales.” No current AI technology can generate traffic, leads, and sales fully automatically with one click. The claim that Astro can create high converting social videos and automated SMS through AI is also dubious.

Many features are advertised in vague terms without technical specifics, such as “Google, OpenAI & ChatGPT4 Integration.” How exactly does Astro integrate these AI models, if it even does? It seems designed to name-drop buzzworthy AI to capitalize on hype.

The inclusion of supposed bonuses like “Commercial Licence” and “$1000/day Casestudy” seem like ploys to make the offer appear more valuable than it is. Commercial licenses for unproven software are meaningless.

The sales page employs numerous techniques to create false urgency and scarcity. Countdown timers “the price rises in” X hours/minutes/seconds are a common marketing gimmick. So are claims of limited spots like “Be Amongst The First To Ride This New Wave” and “Only 50 spots left!” These are not indicators of a legitimate product.

The 365-day money back guarantee is dubious for digital products, as it would be easy to deny refunds. Additionally, requiring customers to prove they “tried” the product and show “what you tried” adds friction to refunds.

The $50 Amazon gift card offered alternatively to a refund seems like an attempt to reduce refund rates, as some customers may settle for that instead of returning the product.

Throughout the sales page, emotional appeals are made about attaining a luxury “laptop lifestyle”, rather than logically explaining Astro’s capabilities. Grammar and spelling errors like “loose” instead of “lose” also demonstrate a lack of professionalism.

From a technical perspective, the promise of a mobile app that can exploit AI for profits fully automatically, with no experience required, strains credibility. AI currently still requires extensive data collection, model training, and optimization to create narrow systems that complement human efforts.

The pricing tactic of a low “introductory” price to be raised later is common with shady online products. Starting with an apparently huge discount only to later charge much higher recurring fees once customers are hooked is deceptive.

Consumer reviews of the product could not be found online, while most legitimate products have feedback on sites like TrustPilot. The lack of evidence backing claims made on the sales page is another red flag.

What We Think

Astro sets off many warning signs of being over-hyped vaporware product. Bold claims are made about automating the highly complex process of traffic generation and monetization through AI, but credible details and proof are lacking. Emotional appeals, fake scarcity, countdown timers, and dubious guarantees attempt to manipulate customers rather than convince through reason.

Until substantive, objective information about Astro’s capabilities is provided and verified by impartial experts, I would recommend avoiding this product. The risk of it being exaggerated marketing or a low-quality AI app is too high based on the sales pitch alone. Shoppers would be better served spending their money on proven training resources and tools in the online business space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Astro legit or a scam?

Too many red flags around lack of proof, shady tactics & business practices indicate Astro is likely exaggerated/misleading.

Can Astro really make me money easily with AI?

Claims of effortless income via AI are dubious. Lacks evidence it can deliver promised automation.

Is Astro worth the price?

With unproven AI capabilities & deceptive pricing that will raise later, Astro carries substantial financial risk.

Is Astro better than other online business tools?

Without transparency or verified results, hard to compare. Proven programs with honest pricing may be safer bets.

Can Astro work for beginners to make money?

Claim that total beginners can profit via advanced AI is highly questionable and exaggerated.

Is the Astro app EASY to use?

While advertised as easy, advanced AI would require optimization expertise. True ease of use unproven.

Does Astro have REAL customer reviews?

No – lack of objective user reviews is a red flag indicating it may not work as advertised.

Can I get a refund if Astro doesn’t work?

Refund terms require you “try” it first and prove you tried – adds friction vs easy refund.

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