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AIBgen’s AI Background Generator offers an innovative solution for effortlessly creating unique, AI-driven backgrounds. Tailored for both professionals and non-designers.

Ai Background Generator (AIBgen)


AIBgen offers a range of features to enhance visual content creation:

  • Effortless Unique Background Generation: Utilize AI to create custom backgrounds tailored to your images.
  • AI Background Removal: Easily remove backgrounds from images, perfect for various design needs.
  • Instant AI Background Generation: Generate new backgrounds in seconds.
  • Endless Background Style Variety: Access an unlimited selection of diverse background styles.
  • High-Quality Downloads: Export images with AI-generated backgrounds in high-resolution quality.
  • Text-to-Background Transformation: Turn text prompts into detailed and tailored backgrounds.
  • Profile Picture Background Generation: Create unique backdrops for profile pictures using AI.
  • Product Campaign Enhancement: Showcase products in unique settings with AI-generated backgrounds.

User Testimonials

Loved by over 300 customers, here’s what some have to say:

  • Samantha Rodriguez, Lead Graphic Designer: Praises the time-saving and stunning results of the AI background generator.
  • Michael Carter, Professional Photographer: Highlights the revolutionary impact on visual creation for his photography.
  • Emily Patel, Small Business Owner: Appreciates the ease of use and professional results, even for non-designers.


AIBgen offers various pricing plans:

  • Start Free:
    • 5 images
    • 24/5 Support
    • Watermark
    • $0/image
    • No Credit Card required for starting
  • Pro:
    • 100 images
    • 24/6 Support
    • No Watermark
    • $0.19/image
    • $19/mo
  • Gold:
    • Unlimited images
    • 24/7 Priority Support
    • AI Background Removal
    • No Watermark
    • $49/mo


  • What’s an AI background generator?
  • Supported formats for download.
  • Is AI background Removal and Generation free?
  • How to reach support.

Final Thoughts

AIBgen’s AI Background Generator stands out for its ease of use, variety of styles, and high-quality outputs. It’s a valuable tool for professionals and non-designers alike, offering affordable pricing plans to suit different needs.

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