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If your looking for an easy to use Ai writer that get’s results fast and for cost effective pricing then agility writer is right up your street.

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Agility Writer is a powerful AI-driven tool designed to create high-quality, long-form articles. Here are some of its key features:

  • Generate up to 7,000-word articles filled with accurate, up-to-date factual data.
  • Create SEO-optimized articles of up to 3,000 words with just one click.
  • Write a 5,000-word compelling product roundup review with a few clicks.
  • Generate high-score SEO-optimized articles (80 in SurferSEO) within 7 minutes.
  • Create a superset of the outline from your competitors’ articles and match the search intent, allowing you to write an entire article based on competitors’ articles in just a few minutes.
  • Bulk generate up to 50 articles with ease.

What Is Agility Writer?

Agility Writer is a specialist in writing long-form articles. It is not an all-in-one AI writing tool, but it excels in creating well-written, highly relevant articles that pass AI tool detectors. With its unique, customizable, and easy-to-use writing tool, you can produce high-quality content quickly that will impress your readers. It supports 15 languages: English (American & British), Chinese (Simplify & Traditional), Danish, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Italian, French, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

Whether you are a business owner in a competitive niche, part of an in-house digital marketing team, or an SEO or run an agency, Agility Writer is a great tool for aiding your understanding of competitors’ search marketing efforts. Using this data, you can adjust your own tactics in order to identify your most valuable keywords, differentiate yourself from your competition, and derive learnings from your competitors’ campaigns.

Let’s dig into these services a bit more:

Agility Writer’s services can be broken down into several key categories:

  • One-Click Mode: This mode allows you to quickly generate an article on a generic topic with a minimum of 1,000 words, typically around 2,000++ words.
  • Advanced Mode: This mode gives you control over the article outline and generates longer high-quality articles, often more than 4,000 words.
  • Optimize Mode: This mode allows you to write excellent SEO-optimized articles with the right headings, rich format (list & table), keywords, and word counts.
  • Product Roundup Review: This feature lets you write an in-depth roundup review of any products available on within a few clicks.
  • Bulk Mode: This mode lets you write up to 50 articles in one click. All articles will go through the same writing and optimization process as 1-click mode.
  • Website Page: This feature allows you to write content for business website pages with ease using background information.
  • Smart Outline Builder: This feature lets you choose your headings from multiple top-ranking competitors, and Agility Writer will generate the perfect article outlines for you.
  • In-Depth Factual Data: Agility Writer crawls the top-ranking result and extracts the facts according to each outline. The facts will guide the AI model to write helpful content with factual data.

What you need to be aware of:

  • While Agility Writer’s AI-generated content is high-quality, it is recommended to do fact-checking and use grammar-checking tools to fine-tune it further.
  • Unused article credits will roll over to next month. However, you must have an active subscription in order to keep and use the credits.

my Agility Writer Review: The Game-Changing AI Tool Every Affiliate Marketer Needs

As an affiliate marketer, I’m constantly searching for tools and solutions that can optimize my workflow and content creation process. Being able to churn out high-quality, SEO-rich articles and reviews quickly and efficiently is essential for driving traffic, boosting conversions, and ultimately increasing my bottom line.

But spending hours upon hours crafting blog posts and product reviews manually simply isn’t sustainable long-term. The thought of manually writing, researching, formatting, and optimizing piles of content makes me want to tear my hair out!

That’s why when I first heard about Agility Writer and its promise to revolutionize content creation through AI, I was instantly intrigued. Could this new platform deliver on its claims to slash writing time in half while maintaining quality standards?

In this in-depth Agility Writer review, I’ll provide a comprehensive look at how this tool performed during extensive testing. Read on for the complete rundown on features, capabilities, pros and cons, and finally – my final verdict on whether Agility Writer is worth the investment for affiliate marketers.

An Overview of Agility Writer’s Standout Features: Agility Writer comes packed with a robust suite of features specifically designed to automate and streamline the content creation process. Here are some of the core features that make this platform such an asset:

  • One-Click Mode: This incredibly useful feature generates complete, comprehensive articles with just a single click. It’s perfect for when you need to churn out multiple posts quickly.
  • Advanced Mode: For more customization and input, Advanced Mode allows you to dictate sections of your article using provided outlines and templates. It’s great for crafting highly tailored content.
  • Smart Outline Builder: This built-in tool creates perfectly structured outlines to help streamline the writing process and organization of your posts. Outlines can be customized.
  • SEO Optimization: All content generated by Agility Writer is optimized for SEO through natural integration of keywords and semantic search phrases.
  • Factual Data: Agility Writer accesses reputable databases to integrate accurate, up-to-date facts and statistics into articles. This boosts credibility.
  • Video Content Generation: The platform provides a detailed guide loaded with tips and strategies for creating compelling marketing videos to complement your written content.
  • AI Detection: This checks your articles for duplicate or low-quality content, ensuring all posts easily pass plagiarism checks. It helps avoid manual editing.
  • Collaborative Features: Options like real-time editing allow teams to work together seamlessly on content creation projects.

For affiliate marketers like myself who need to publish high volumes of content covering a wide range of products and topics, these features offer an incredible value. The platform quite literally does all the heavy lifting for you!

My Experience Using Agility Writer: After signing up for a free trial of Agility Writer, I was eager to put the various features to the test. How would this AI-powered writing assistant perform compared to creating content manually?

Right from the start, I was blown away by how seamless and intuitive the interface was. Even as a newcomer to AI writing tools, I was able to quickly familiarize myself with the platform’s layout and offering. This bodes well for new users who want to hit the ground running.

To fully evaluate Agility Writer’s capabilities, I tested it for various content projects including long-form product reviews, short blurbs for my email newsletter, and blog articles on topics related to affiliate marketing. Here are some of my key findings:

  • Incredibly fast content creation: I drafted 7 high-quality, 2000+ word product reviews through the One-Click Mode in the time it would’ve taken me to write just 1 manually! This speed is game-changing.
  • Impressive quality with minimal editing: While not 100% perfect, the automatically generated articles were highly coherent and readable with only minor grammar fixes needed on my end.
  • Outline builder creates helpful content structure: The smart outline builder gave my posts logical flow and organization that would’ve taken lots of time to do myself.
  • AI detection flagged potential issues: For one product review, the AI flagged a few factual inconsistencies for me to double check and update. Very helpful!
  • Video guide provided actionable tips: I created top-notch product demo videos by following the detailed guide Agility Writer offered.

While Agility Writer blew me away with long-form article creation, I did find that it wasn’t as well-suited to super short blurbs or snippets. But for my main content needs as an affiliate marketer, it knocked it out of the park!

Benefits and Advantages of Using Agility Writer: Based on my first-hand experience, here are some of the biggest benefits I gained from incorporating Agility Writer into my content creation workflow:

  1. Massive Time Savings Without a doubt, the number one advantage Agility Writer delivered for my affiliate marketing business was a gigantic time savings. I’m talking 50-75% less time spent creating content. Those hours add up fast, and I get to reinvest them into other revenue-driving tasks.
  2. Increased Output & Scalability
    By slashing the time needed per article while still maintaining quality, I’m able to publish far more content than ever before. This influx of blog posts and reviews ultimately helps me reach more potential customers. Agility Writer removes the content creation bottleneck.
  3. Automatic SEO Optimization
    The AI technology built into Agility Writer perfectly optimizes articles for SEO during the writing process by incorporating keywords naturally. Now I don’t have to manually tweak articles after the fact or pay an SEO expert.
  4. Helpful Templates & Guides The various templates and detailed guides Agility Writer offers have seriously leveled up my writing skills and knowledge. I’ve learned how to structure posts for maximum impact and engagement.
  5. Access to Reliable Factual Data
    Having researched-backed facts and statistics woven into my articles lends so much more credibility. Agility Writer made incorporating this factual data quick and painless.
  6. Minimal Manual Editing Needed While no AI platform is perfect, I was seriously impressed by how little editing I needed to do on articles created by Agility Writer. This further compounded my time savings.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider: In the spirit of providing a balanced, honest review, here are a couple potential downsides I identified from my experience using Agility Writer:

  • Limited customization capabilities: While overall extremely flexible, there are some constraints in fine-tuning tone, style, and formatting compared to writing completely manually.
  • Steep learning curve for advanced features: Casual bloggers may find some of the more advanced functionality like video script creation has a learning curve. But for experienced affiliate marketers, it’s very manageable.
  • Requires paid subscription for full access: You can only access core features long-term by paying for one of Agility Writer’s subscription plans after the free trial. The value gained far outweighs the costs in my opinion, but it is an extra expense to factor in.
  • Not a perfect substitute for human writing skills: At the end of the day, Agility Writer is an AI tool. For super complex or creative content needs, fully manual writing may still be preferable or needed to perfect posts. But for most of my blogging needs, Agility Writer has been more than sufficient.

Comparing Agility Writer to Other Top AI Writing Tools: I’ve experimented with other AI writing assistants like Jasper and Rytr in the past, but none have come close to Agility Writer in my experience. Here’s a brief rundown of how Agility Writer compares:

  • More affordable pricing structure: Subscription plans started around $28/month at the time I signed up compared to $39+ for other tools.
  • Specialized features for affiliate marketing: I found the video integration and SEO optimization perks way more beneficial for my niche compared to competitors.
  • Significantly better long-form writing: For research-heavy product reviews and guides, Agility Writer’s output was far more advanced. Other tools worked better for shorter snippets.
  • Much more intuitive interface: Being user-friendly for beginners was a huge Agility Writer advantage. Other platforms had steeper learning curves.
  • Speed and efficiency focused: While other tools have creative writing features, Agility Writer’s bread-and-butter is efficient, high-quality long-form content done rapidly. Perfect for scaling production.

For these reasons, Agility Writer really proved itself to be in a league of its own compared to alternative AI writing assistants I tested. It’s specifically designed for affiliate marketers’ needs.

Tips for Using Agility Writer Effectively: Here are some pro tips I discovered for getting the most value out of Agility Writer based on my extensive usage as an affiliate marketer:

  • Always start with an outline: Developing a detailed outline using Agility Writer’s built-in outline generator vastly improves the structure and flow of auto-generated articles.
  • Take advantage of Advanced Mode for complex posts: While the One-Click method works great for simpler blog articles, I suggest using Advanced Mode features like templates and section-by-section generation to craft super in-depth, research heavy content.
  • Thoroughly proofread and fact-check: While Agility Writer typically provides accurate information sourced from legitimate databases, it’s still important to double-check any facts or statistics included in your articles. Don’t just blindly publish the content before reviewing it.
  • Personalize content with your insights: I recommend adding your own voice, experiences, commentary etc. where possible to content. This further customizes posts to your brand and niche.
  • Use multimedia to complement text: Employ Agility Writer’s video generation guide coupled with the written posts it creates for a powerful one-two punch. Images and graphics can help too.

By keeping these tips in mind, any affiliate marketer can maximize the value received from Agility Writer. You’ll create better content in less time!

What do we think?

Is Agility Writer Worth It for Affiliate Marketing? After extensively using Agility Writer for the past month across a wide range of content projects, I can decisively say that it is absolutely worth the investment for serious affiliate marketers. The sheer amount of time and headache it has saved me when it comes to creating posts that drive traffic and sales has been incredible.

If you currently spend several hours per piece of content manually writing, editing, researching, and formatting, Agility Writer is guaranteed to slash your workload dramatically. The one-click mode alone is a game-changer, providing a hand’s free approach to churning out thoughtful, comprehensive articles rapidly.

For me, the time and efficiency gains have far outweighed any minor limitations I encountered like the lack of style customization or need for the paid subscription. At the end of the day, Agility Writer lets me create 5X as much expert content without burning out. That directly bolsters my profits and frees up energy for other business priorities.

So if you are an affiliate marketer who publishes a high volume of content regularly, I can’t recommend Agility Writer enough. Don’t let creating top-notch blog posts and reviews continue to be a slow, manual process. Join the thousands of affiliates already using AI to automate their workflow. Boost your income and live a happier life while great content practically writes itself!

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