60 Second AI Money Machines Review 

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Perfect for beginners

The claims are a bit ambitious but like most products it’s what you put into yourself after you have learned the method.


  • Provides done-for-you funnel templates
  • Includes AI content creation tool
  • Offers email swipe templates
  • Contains basic affiliate marketing training videos
  • Gives commercial license to resell templates

What’s great about 60 Second AI Money Machine?

  • Useful for affiliate marketing beginners
  • Good to get started quickly with done-for-you assets
  • Affordable entry price point
  • AI content tool helpful for drafting content

What you need to be aware of:

  • Takes more than 60 seconds to set up
  • Lackluster training glossing over complex topics
  • Weak traffic training over-reliant on paid ads
  • Exaggerated income claims that are unrealistic
  • Requires consistent effort over months to see results

60 Second AI Money Machine Review – An Inside Look

We’ve all seen the ads promoting systems that promise you can start earning life-changing income online in just minutes per day. 60 Second AI Money Machine is one of those systems making big claims about earning over $1000 per day in passive income with “zero work” on your part.

I’m always sceptical when I come across products marketed this way, so I decided to purchase 60 Second AI Money Machine and provide an in-depth review for consumers. I wanted to take an objective look at what the system offers, whether it provides real value, and most importantly if it can truly deliver on its income claims of over $1000 per day.

In this detailed review, I’ll walk you through exactly what you get with the front-end and upsell products, the pros and cons of the system, and most importantly provide my opinion on whether it’s worth the investment. My goal is to provide helpful information so you can make an informed decision before spending your hard-earned money.

What is 60 Second AI Money Machine? 60 Second AI Money Machine is a product created by Glenn Koski and sold through the WarriorPlus marketplace. It’s promoted as a done-for-you system that leverages artificial intelligence to build automated income streams that make over $1000 per day.

The sales page makes bold claims about how their AI technology can set up your business in just 60 seconds without any technical skills or prior experience required. It uses the typical sales tactics you see in the make money online space of highlighting expensive houses and cars to plant the idea you can earn life-changing income.

The reality is 60 Second AI Money Machine is an affiliate marketing system that provides some training, done-for-you funnels, and promotional tools to help users generate commissions by promoting various products. It takes more than 60 seconds to set up and will require consistent effort over time to see any significant income.

inside the 60 second ai money machine

What’s Included in 60 Second AI Money Machine? After purchasing 60 Second AI Money Machine for $17 on the front-end, you gain access to the member’s area. Here are the main things included:

  • Training Videos The core training is provided in a series of videos that are about 30 minutes total runtime. The videos briefly cover setting up your first campaign, using AI for content creation, traffic sources, email marketing, and recommendations for additional tools. The training is very high-level and glossy, lacking specifics or actionable instruction in many areas.
  • Done-For-You Funnel Templates 60 Second AI Money Machine provides 4 done-for-you lead capture and funnel templates you can use to promote affiliate offers. These include basic opt-in pages, lead magnets, thank you pages, download pages, etc. They are decent templates but very generic – you still need to customize and brand them yourself.
  • AI Content Creation Tool One of the core selling points is the AI content creation tool. This allows you to generate basic articles, ads, and emails by entering a few prompts and keywords. The AI is useful for drafting content, but the quality isn’t great. You still need to edit and optimize anything it creates.
  • Traffic Training & Recommendations The traffic training mainly recommends using paid traffic sources, specifically solo ads. No training is provided on organic traffic methods like SEO or social media. Just basic info on paid traffic options.
  • Email Swipes To promote affiliate offers, the system includes a selection of email swipes/templates you can send to your leads. These are pretty generic pitches that still require personalization.
  • Commercial License This allows you to resell or give away any templates or assets included in the system. Limited value for most users.

Upsells & Funnel After purchasing the front-end offer for $17, you are taken through a series of upsell offers:

  • Perfect Sales Funnels Package – $27
  • Unlimited Lead Magnets – $27
  • 60 Second Traffic Software – $47
  • Unlimited Traffic Blueprint – $67
  • AI Money Accelerator – $97

The upsells provide additional templates, done-for-you campaigns, training modules, software tools, traffic resources, and reseller rights. However, the core system and value is contained in the front-end offer.

How Does 60 Second AI Money Machine Work?

The basic process with 60 Second AI Money Machine is:

  1. Customize the Done-For-You Funnel The system provides basic squeeze page and funnel templates you can use to promote affiliate offers. You need to personalize these and brand them.
  2. Drive Traffic to Your Funnel Traffic methods recommended include solo ads, social media, SEO, PPC, etc. No detailed training provided though.
  3. Collect Leads Via Opt-In Forms Leads are collected by driving traffic to your funnel and getting visitors to opt-in.
  4. Promote Affiliate Offers to Leads Monetize your leads by promoting affiliate offers via email sequences. Swipes are provided but you create final emails.
  5. Earn Commissions Make money when your leads purchase products you promote as an affiliate.
inside the 60 second ai money machine funnels

So essentially, it’s an affiliate marketing system combined with some basic training, done-for-you templates, and tools to help streamline setting up your first campaign.

Pros of 60 Second AI Money Machine

  • Very easy to get started for beginners
  • Good selection of done-for-you templates and campaigns
  • Useful AI content creation tool
  • Commercial license included allowing you to resell templates
  • Affordable entry price point

Cons of 60 Second AI Money Machine

  • Training is lackluster, glossing over many complex topics
  • Traffic training is weak with over-reliance on paid ads
  • Takes way more than 60 seconds to customize and implement
  • Very exaggerated income claims that are unrealistic
  • Funnel includes lots of unnecessary upsells

Can You Really Make $1000+ Per Day in Passive Income? The main claim made by 60 Second AI Money Machine is that you can setup fully passive income streams that earn over $1000 per day, with some hints that you can make tens of thousands per month.

In my opinion, it is highly unrealistic that the average person will earn anywhere near these amounts using this system alone, especially in the beginning.

$1000 per day equates to over $30,000 per month. While certainly possible in theory, it would require massive traffic volumes, very high conversion rates, and promoting high-ticket offers or your own products. As a beginner, you would be lucky to make $100 per month using this system out of the gates.

Passive income means earnings coming in regularly with minimal ongoing work. But affiliate marketing requires regular effort over months and years to see growing income. Promoting affiliate products as shown in this system is not fully passive.

The sales page mentions how members of the system make anywhere from $500 to $65,000 per month. However, there’s no proof these income claims came from using this system.

In summary, the earnings potential is exaggerated like with most systems making big income promises online. Building a successful affiliate marketing business takes substantial work over an extended period.

Who is 60 Second AI Money Machine For? 60 Second AI Money Machine can be a decent starting point if you meet the following criteria:

  • Complete beginner looking for an easy introduction to affiliate marketing
  • Don’t mind basic training and want pre-made assets to start with
  • Have a budget to spend on paid traffic (solo ads, etc)
  • Understand it takes consistent effort over 6-12 months to see results

It’s not a good fit if you expect fully passive income or want more detailed training. Intermediate marketers would be better served investing in more comprehensive training programs or paid community access.

Is 60 Second AI Money Machine Worth the Money? For the front-end cost of $17, 60 Second AI Money Machine provides decent value in terms of the done-for-you assets and toolkit that can help affiliate marketing beginners get started faster. However, you can find comparable training and assets elsewhere for free or less cost.

The earnings potential is certainly overhyped. But if you view it as a useful starting point as a newbie and don’t expect overnight fortunes, it’s an affordable investment to gain access to done-for-you resources.

Just understand you are still going to need to put in the work to see results. Time and effort will be required to customize funnels, master traffic sources, write great emails, find affiliate programs, and marketed effectively over an extended period.

What we think?

Look Elsewhere for Training 60 Second AI Money Machine taps into the get rich quick hopes and dreams that many consumers have when looking for ways to earn online. The reality is that building a successful affiliate marketing business takes significant work and the income potential is exaggerated on the sales page.

I would only recommend this product for absolute beginners who understand that buying a system like this alone won’t make them wealthy passively without effort. Intermediate or experienced marketers would be better off investing in more comprehensive training programs rather than a basic toolkit system like this.

If you’re serious about learning affiliate marketing properly, I’d suggest starting with high-quality free training available on sites like growth supermarket academy. Then reinvest your profits over time into paid tools and systems that can accelerate your success.

60 Second AI Money Machine is a mediocre system that slightly over promises but can add some value strictly for beginners as long as expectations are set accurately. There are better options for learning affiliate marketing in a transparent and ethical way.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: What exactly is 60 Second AI Money Machine?
    A: It’s an affiliate marketing system created by Glenn Koski that provides done-for-you funnels, email swipes, and training to promote various affiliate offers. It promises quick setup but involves more work than claimed.
  • Q: What do you get with 60 Second AI Money Machine?
    A: The core offer includes training videos, funnel templates, an AI content tool, email swipes, and a commercial license. Upsells provide more templates, campaigns, and traffic resources.
  • Q: Does it really only take 60 seconds to set up?
    A: No, the 60 second claim is just marketing hype. You still have to customize the funnels, connect your auto-responder, write emails, and drive traffic. This takes much more time and effort.
  • Q: Can you make over $1000 per day like it claims?
    A: It’s highly unlikely for most people to earn anywhere near that with this product alone as a beginner. The income claims are exaggerated to make sales.
  • Q: Does it provide good training for beginners?
    A: The training is very basic, glossing over important topics. It focuses mainly on promoting affiliate offers, not comprehensive training.
  • Q: Is traffic training included?
    A: There is little useful traffic training. It mainly just recommends solo ads instead of organic traffic strategies.


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