A/B Testing Foundations course


The A/B Testing Foundations course at CXL Institute offers a comprehensive learning experience for those looking to master the fundamentals of A/B testing. Key features of this course include:

  • Concise and Focused Content: The course is designed to be completed in just over an hour, making it highly efficient for busy professionals.
  • Expert Instruction: Taught by Peep Laja, the Founder of CXL, ensuring high-quality and experienced insights.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Topics range from identifying costly “imaginary winners” to understanding the real reasons for testing, common mistakes, and effective test prioritization.
  • Practical Frameworks and Tools: In-depth exploration of Frequentist, Bayesian, and bandit tests, along with the PXL test prioritization framework.
  • Skill Development: Focus on A/B test prioritization, monitoring, and statistics, equipping learners with practical skills for real-world application.

What’s Great About This Course?

  • Targeted Learning: Specifically designed for beginners in A/B testing, providing a solid foundation in less than two hours.
  • Interactive and Engaging: The course includes video material, downloadable resources, and assignments to reinforce learning.
  • Certification: Completing the course earns you a CXL A/B Testing Certification, adding value to your professional profile.
  • Accessibility: English subtitles and transcriptions are available, making the course more accessible to a wider audience.

What You Need to Be Aware Of:

  • Niche Audience: Best suited for those new to A/B testing or who have had limited success in the past.
  • Focused Scope: The course may not be as beneficial for those already conducting A/B tests at scale or seeking advanced strategies.

Pricing and Access

  • Course Access: Available through subscription to CXL, which includes access to over 120 courses and a range of minidegrees.
  • Community and Support: Subscribers gain access to a community of marketing experts and thousands of marketing playbooks.
  • Refund Policy: A 7-day no-questions-asked money-back period is offered.
  • Team Plans: Special plans are available for teams, providing broader access and collaborative learning opportunities.

This course is an excellent resource for those beginning their journey in A/B testing or looking to solidify their foundational knowledge in the field. With expert instruction, a focused curriculum, and practical tools, it offers a valuable learning experience for digital marketers, product managers, UX designers, and other professionals involved in data-driven decision-making and marketing strategies.

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