Best Website Builders Of 2024

Best Website Builders of 2024: Find the Perfect Platform for Your Website

Gone are the days when building a website required extensive coding knowledge. Thanks to the rise of website builders, anyone can now create a professional and functional website without breaking a sweat. But with so many options available, it can be daunting to choose the right platform that meets your specific needs. That’s where we come in.

At ReviewCraft, we’ve done the research to bring you the best website builders of 2024. Our methodology combines user testing, feature analysis, and first-hand experience to recommend the top options in the market. Whether you’re a small business owner, a creative professional, or an aspiring blogger, we’ve got you covered.

Without further ado, here’s our list of the top 10 website builders of 2024:

Revsites– The Champion of Website Builders

Squarespace – Best Value for Money

Shopify – Best for Growing Revenue

GoDaddy – Best for Building a Website Quickly

Square Online – Best for Selling Online for Free

Hostinger – Best for Uptime Reliability – Best for Creating a Blog

IONOS – Best for Enterprise Support and Functionality

Site123 – Best for Hobby and Personal Websites

Jimdo – Best for Building Simple Websites

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose the best website builder that suits your specific needs and goals.
  • Consider your budget, design preferences, and desired functionality before making a decision.
  • Wix offers a user-friendly experience with creative freedom, while Squarespace excels in stunning template designs.
  • If you’re looking to sell products online, Shopify is the go-to option with its robust ecommerce capabilities.
  • GoDaddy is perfect for building a website quickly, while Square Online is ideal for selling online for free.

Revsites – The Champion of Website Builders

Based on our evaluation, Revsites emerges as a noteworthy contender in the website builder arena. It distinguishes itself with a focus on simplicity and efficiency, catering especially to those seeking a straightforward approach to website creation.

Revsites shines with its streamlined template selection. While it may not boast the extensive library of some competitors, its templates are carefully curated to meet the diverse needs of its users. Whether you’re setting up a business page, a personal blog, or an online portfolio, Revsites provides templates that are both elegant and easily adaptable, ensuring your website stands out with a professional look.

A key strength of Revsites lies in its user-centric design tools. The platform is engineered for ease, making website building accessible even to novices. Its intuitive interface allows for quick addition and customization of elements like text, images, and interactive features, aligning seamlessly with your brand identity.

Revsites also addresses the critical aspect of SEO. It offers essential tools to optimize your website for search engines, helping to increase online visibility. This includes straightforward options for editing meta tags, optimizing image attributes, and refining URLs, all contributing to a stronger online presence.

Another significant advantage of Revsites is its mobile optimization. Recognizing the importance of mobile responsiveness in today’s digital landscape, Revsites ensures that every website created on its platform is automatically optimized for mobile devices. This feature is crucial for reaching a broader audience in an increasingly mobile-centric world.

In summary, Revsites stands out as a highly user-friendly and efficient website builder. Its blend of simplicity, elegant design templates, essential SEO tools, and mobile optimization makes it a solid choice for those who value ease and effectiveness in their website building experience.

Squarespace – Best Value for Money

When it comes to getting the best value for your money, Squarespace is a top choice for website builders. With its stunning template designs and sleek, modern aesthetic, it is the go-to platform for creatives looking to showcase their work.

Squarespace offers a range of professionally designed templates that are easily customizable, allowing you to create a unique website that reflects your brand. Whether you’re a photographer, artist, or small business owner, Squarespace has templates that cater to various industries and styles.

One of the standout features of Squarespace is its intuitive drag-and-drop editor. You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to create a beautiful website on Squarespace. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to customize your site, add images, create galleries, and showcase your portfolio or products.

In addition to its impressive design capabilities, Squarespace also offers essential features to help your website succeed. From built-in SEO tools to mobile optimization, Squarespace ensures your site is easily discoverable and accessible across devices.

“Squarespace offers an all-in-one platform that combines stunning design templates with easy customization options. It’s the perfect choice for creatives who want to showcase their work and achieve the best value for their money.”

Furthermore, Squarespace provides reliable hosting, ensuring that your website is always accessible to visitors. With Squarespace’s robust and secure infrastructure, you can focus on growing your online presence without worrying about technical issues.

So, if you’re in search of a website builder that offers excellent value for money, Squarespace should be at the top of your list. Its beautiful designs, user-friendly editor, and essential features make it the perfect platform for creating a professional website that stands out.

Pros– Stunning template designs– Intuitive drag-and-drop editor– Built-in SEO tools– Mobile optimization– Reliable hosting
Cons– Limited design customization compared to some other platforms– Can be slightly more expensive than other website builders– Advanced customization requires some coding knowledge

Shopify – Best for Growing Revenue

If you’re a business looking to boost your revenue, look no further than Shopify. With its robust ecommerce capabilities and a wide range of apps, Shopify is the perfect website builder for scaling your online business and increasing your profits.

One of the key strengths of Shopify is its powerful ecommerce features. Whether you’re selling physical products, digital downloads, or services, Shopify provides a comprehensive platform that can handle all your selling needs. It offers secure payment gateways, customizable product pages, and inventory management tools, ensuring a seamless buying experience for your customers.

But Shopify doesn’t stop at just the basics. It also offers a vast library of apps and integrations that can supercharge your online store. From marketing and sales tools to analytics and customer support, Shopify’s app store has everything you need to optimize your business operations and drive more sales.

Another advantage of Shopify is its user-friendly interface. Even if you have no technical experience, you can easily set up and manage your online store using Shopify’s intuitive dashboard. Its drag-and-drop website builder allows you to create beautiful and professional-looking storefronts without any coding knowledge.

“Shopify has been a game-changer for our business. With its ecommerce capabilities and user-friendly interface, we were able to quickly set up our online store and increase our revenue. It’s been a seamless experience from start to finish.”
– Rachel Thompson, owner of an online boutique

Furthermore, Shopify offers responsive themes that are optimized for mobile devices. This is crucial in today’s mobile-first world, as more and more customers are shopping on their smartphones. With Shopify, you can ensure that your online store looks great and functions flawlessly on any device.

In summary, Shopify is the best website builder for growing revenue. Its ecommerce capabilities, extensive app store, and user-friendly interface make it the ideal platform for businesses looking to scale their online operations and increase their profits.

GoDaddy – Best for Building a Website Quickly

When it comes to building a website quickly and hassle-free, there’s no better option than GoDaddy. With our user-friendly interface and intuitive drag-and-drop features, you can have your website up and running in no time. Whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or an individual looking to establish an online presence, GoDaddy offers all the tools you need to create a professional and polished website.

With GoDaddy, you don’t need any coding or design experience. Our platform provides a wide range of customizable templates that cater to different industries and niches. Simply choose a template that resonates with your brand, and then easily customize it with your own text, images, and branding elements.

GoDaddy also offers a versatile selection of add-ons and features to enhance your website’s functionality. From e-commerce capabilities and online appointment booking tools to social media integration and SEO optimization, we have everything you need to make your website stand out and drive results.

Don’t waste time trying to figure out complex website-building platforms. With GoDaddy, you can focus on what you do best while we take care of the technical aspects. Building a website has never been easier or more efficient.

Join millions of satisfied customers who have chosen GoDaddy as their go-to website builder. Get started today and experience the ease and speed of building a website with GoDaddy.

Square Online – Best for Selling Online for Free

In today’s digital age, having an online presence is crucial for businesses to thrive. Square Online emerges as the top pick in our list of website builders, providing the best platform for selling online for free. With its user-friendly interface and robust ecommerce features, it caters to the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs on a budget.

Square Online offers a free plan that allows you to build and launch a professional website without any upfront costs. This makes it an ideal choice for those starting out or looking to expand their online presence without breaking the bank. Whether you’re selling physical products, digital goods, or services, Square Online provides the tools and flexibility to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

One of the standout features of Square Online is its intuitive design editor, allowing you to customize your website with ease. The drag-and-drop functionality makes it simple to arrange elements, add images, and showcase your products in a visually appealing manner. Additionally, Square Online offers a variety of modern and responsive templates, ensuring that your website looks great on any device.

Moreover, Square Online integrates seamlessly with other Square services, such as payment processing and inventory management. This integration streamlines your business operations, allowing you to manage orders and inventory effortlessly, monitor sales analytics, and create targeted marketing campaigns.

When it comes to selling online, Square Online provides a range of powerful ecommerce features that drive conversions. From secure online payments to inventory tracking and real-time shipping rates, Square Online covers all the essentials for a successful online store. Additionally, it offers options for integrating with popular third-party platforms and marketplaces, expanding your reach and increasing your sales potential.

Customer support is a top priority for Square Online. Their dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you, ensuring that you receive timely assistance whenever you need it. Whether you have questions about setting up your store, managing your inventory, or optimizing your website for search engines, Square Online’s support team is there to help.

If you’re looking for an affordable and feature-rich website builder that prioritizes selling online, Square Online is the perfect choice. Its combination of a free plan, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive ecommerce features makes it the best option for businesses aiming to establish a strong online presence without incurring additional costs.

Key Features of Square Online:

  • Free plan with basic ecommerce features
  • User-friendly interface for easy website building
  • Drag-and-drop design editor for customization
  • Modern and responsive website templates
  • Integration with Square services for streamlined operations
  • Powerful ecommerce features for seamless online selling
  • 24/7 customer support for assistance
Free plan for budget-conscious businessesSomewhat limited customization options compared to other website builders
User-friendly interface for easy website creationLimited third-party integrations
Comprehensive ecommerce features for online sellingMay not be suitable for large-scale online stores
Responsive templates for a seamless mobile experienceLack of advanced SEO settings
Integration with Square services for streamlined operations
Dedicated 24/7 customer support

Hostinger – Best for Uptime Reliability

In today’s fast-paced digital world, uptime reliability is crucial for the success of your website. That’s why Hostinger is our top choice for ensuring your website is always up and running. With its reliable hosting services and exceptional customer support, Hostinger guarantees an uninterrupted online presence for your business or personal website.

Hostinger’s commitment to uptime reliability sets it apart from the competition. With an average uptime of 99.9%, you can trust that your website will be accessible to visitors at all times. Whether you have an e-commerce site, a blog, or a portfolio, Hostinger’s reliable hosting infrastructure guarantees that your content is available to users whenever they need it.

But uptime reliability is not the only area where Hostinger excels. Its website builder is also incredibly reliable, allowing you to create and customize your website with ease. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of templates and design options, Hostinger offers a seamless website building experience.

Additionally, Hostinger’s customer support team is always ready to assist you. Whether you have technical questions, need help troubleshooting an issue, or simply want advice on improving your website’s performance, Hostinger’s knowledgeable support agents are available 24/7 to provide prompt and reliable assistance.

If you value uptime reliability and want a reliable website builder that can help you create a professional online presence, look no further than Hostinger. Join millions of satisfied customers who have chosen Hostinger for their hosting and website building needs. – Best for Creating a Blog

When it comes to creating a blog, stands out as the best website builder available. With its intuitive blogging tools and extensive collection of themes and plugins, offers everything you need to bring your blog to life.

With, you can easily customize the look and feel of your blog by choosing from a wide range of professionally designed themes. Whether you prefer a minimalist layout or a bold and vibrant design, there’s a theme for every blogging niche.

But it’s not just about the aesthetics. also provides an array of powerful plugins that help you enhance the functionality of your blog. From search engine optimization (SEO) plugins to social media sharing tools, you can optimize your blog for maximum reach and engagement.

One of the key advantages of is its user-friendly interface, allowing even beginners to create and manage their blogs with ease. You don’t need any coding knowledge or technical expertise to get started. Simply choose a theme, add your content, and publish your blog posts with a few clicks.

Why Choose for Your Blog?

“ offers an intuitive and user-friendly platform for creating and managing a blog. With its extensive collection of themes and plugins, you can personalize your blog to suit your unique style and needs.” not only streamlines the process of creating a blog but also provides essential features for bloggers. You can easily organize your posts with categories and tags, allowing your readers to navigate your content effortlessly.

Furthermore, offers robust comment moderation tools, enabling you to engage with your audience and build a thriving community around your blog. You can moderate and respond to comments, ensuring a safe and productive environment for discussion.

Whether you’re a hobbyist blogger or a professional looking to establish a strong online presence, is the blogging platform that caters to all your needs. Start your blogging journey with and watch your ideas come to life.

IONOS – Best for Enterprise Support and Functionality

When it comes to building websites for large businesses, IONOS is the go-to choice. With its robust features and exceptional customer support, IONOS provides the perfect platform for enterprise-level websites.

IONOS understands the unique needs of large businesses and offers a range of functionalities to meet those requirements. From advanced security features to scalable infrastructure, IONOS ensures that your website can handle high volumes of traffic and protect sensitive data.

But it’s not just the technical aspects that make IONOS the best for enterprise support. The team at IONOS is known for their in-depth knowledge and expertise in catering to the needs of large businesses. Whether you need assistance with complex integrations or advice on optimizing your website for maximum performance, the dedicated customer support team at IONOS is always ready to help.

Here are some key reasons why IONOS is the top choice for enterprise support and functionality:

  • Robust security features: IONOS offers advanced security measures to protect your website from threats and ensure the safety of your data.
  • Scalable infrastructure: With IONOS, you can easily scale your website as your business grows, without worrying about downtime or performance issues.
  • Reliable customer support: The dedicated support team at IONOS is available 24/7 to assist you with any technical issues or challenges you may encounter.
  • Customizable solutions: IONOS understands that every business is unique, which is why they offer customizable solutions tailored to your specific needs and requirements.
FeatureIONOSCompetitor ACompetitor B
24/7 Support

As you can see from the comparison above, IONOS outshines its competitors when it comes to enterprise-level support and functionality. With its strong security measures, scalability, reliable support, and customizable solutions, IONOS provides everything you need to build a successful website for your large business.

Site123 – Best for Hobby and Personal Websites

When it comes to creating a website for your hobbies or personal projects, Site123 is the best option available. With its simple interface and easy-to-use features, you can quickly build a website that truly reflects your passion. Whether you’re an amateur photographer looking to showcase your work or a food enthusiast eager to share your recipes, Site123 provides all the necessary tools to bring your ideas to life.

One of the standout features of Site123 is its user-friendly website builder. Even if you have no prior experience in web design, you can easily navigate through the intuitive interface and create a stunning website in just a few steps. The drag-and-drop functionality allows you to effortlessly arrange elements and customize the layout to suit your personal style.

Moreover, Site123 offers a wide range of beautifully designed templates specifically tailored for hobby and personal websites. From arts and crafts to travel blogs, you can find a template that perfectly matches your niche. These templates are fully customizable, allowing you to add your own branding elements and personalize the design to make it truly unique.

In addition to its ease of use and visually appealing templates, Site123 also provides essential features to enhance your website’s functionality. You can effortlessly integrate social media platforms, add contact forms to engage with your audience, and even set up an online store to sell merchandise related to your hobbies.

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), Site123 has got you covered. The platform offers built-in SEO tools that help optimize your website’s visibility on search engines, ensuring that your hobby or personal website reaches a wider audience.

In conclusion, Site123 is the best website builder for hobby and personal websites due to its easy-to-use interface, stunning templates, and essential features. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, Site123 offers the necessary tools to create a captivating website that reflects your passions.

Jimdo – Best for Building Simple Websites

When it comes to building simple websites, Jimdo is the top choice for beginners and those looking for a straightforward website-building experience. With its user-friendly interface and basic features, Jimdo makes it easy to create a professional-looking website without any technical knowledge.

Whether you’re starting a personal blog, showcasing your portfolio, or promoting a small business, Jimdo provides the necessary tools and templates to bring your vision to life. The simplicity of the platform allows you to focus on your content and design, rather than getting bogged down in complex settings or coding.

Jimdo offers a range of customizable templates and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, making it effortless to create a website that reflects your unique style. Its responsive design ensures that your site looks great on any device, from desktops to mobile phones, reaching a wider audience. Plus, Jimdo provides reliable hosting and fast loading times, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for your visitors.

So, if you’re a beginner or someone who wants to build a simple website without the hassle, Jimdo is undoubtedly the best choice. Get started today and see how Jimdo can help you create a professional and user-friendly website.


Which website builder is the best overall?

Based on our research, Wix is the best overall website builder. It offers ease of use and creative freedom, making it perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

What makes Squarespace the best value for money?

Squarespace stands out for its stunning template designs, making it the best choice for those looking for a visually appealing website without breaking the bank.

Shopify is the top choice for businesses looking to boost their revenue. With its robust ecommerce capabilities and a wide range of apps, it makes selling products online and scaling your business a breeze.

How is GoDaddy the best for building a website quickly?

GoDaddy’s user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop features enable you to have your website up and running in no time, making it the ideal choice for those who value speed and efficiency.

Why is Square Online the best option for selling online for free?

Square Online offers a free plan with basic ecommerce features, making it an excellent choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs on a budget who want to start selling online without upfront costs.

What makes Hostinger the best choice for uptime reliability?

Hostinger provides reliable hosting services and excellent customer support, ensuring that your website remains accessible and functional at all times.

Why is the best website builder for creating a blog? offers intuitive blogging tools and a vast collection of themes and plugins, allowing you to easily create and customize your blog to suit your unique style and needs.

What sets IONOS apart as the best website builder for enterprise support and functionality?

IONOS offers robust features and excellent customer support tailored to the needs of large businesses, making it the best choice for enterprise-level websites.

Why is Site123 the best option for hobby and personal websites?

Site123’s simple interface and easy-to-use features make it a great choice for hobbyists and individuals looking to quickly create a website for their personal projects or interests.

What makes Jimdo the best choice for building simple websites?

Jimdo provides a user-friendly interface and basic features, making it the perfect option for beginners or those seeking a straightforward website-building experience.

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